Movable Guitar

The book about how to go from beginner to intermediate in 6 months.

Perhaps you read the book Movable Guitar by Troy Lynn Jordan, this is a place to get more information about new content, corrections, and lessons learned such as alternative ways to do things easier. The author is learning something knew every week and will either publish additional content online or come up with a new edition of the book. For those who already bought the book the new content will be available for free (additions to the same book).

If you have no idea what book we're talking about, it is available as a Kindle book on Amazon, but we recommend you order the paperback version, which is professionally printed and delivered to you.  If you come attend a Sunday morning service at Real Life Ministry in Peculiar, Missouri, the author will give you a complementary pdf version of the book.

The book "Movable Guitar" has more than 200 illustrations, drawings, and photos.

Lesson 1 - Basic Barre Chords

Lesson 2 - Scales

Lesson 3 - Easy Minor Shapes


Even before the book was completed Troy was thinking of additional content that would be helpful. There will likely be a new edition at some point, but until then, new content will be added here, in a draft format.

Troy also plans to create some tutorial videos when he has the time to do so.

Errors and Corrections

In the future we will list errors found in the book so that readers can correct their understanding. With the latest round of corrections as of 2/28/2023 Troy is not aware of any errors in the book. That said there are some examples in the book that could be replaced with easier transitions for the guitarist. There are also some examples where the guitarist can get a better sound on a particular guitar versus the ones the author normally plays.